What we do

Rooted in the heart of our mission as a Church of England Congregation, is the lives of our community. Grounded in the discipleship and the ways in which we seek transformation from the Holy Spirit, and the way we build one another up as a ministry, St James supports everyone who seeks to learn about the Church of England.

Our ‘mission’ refers to the times we meet God in the face of a stranger, when we find and acknowledge companionship beyond the church. Our intentions are to make these times more noticeable, to make one feel they are never alone.

We aim to show God’s love in worship and service. To offer a place for people to feel welcomed and valued and to invite all people to share a journey with us in a deepening our relationship with God.

Meet The Team

Our Vicar – Daniel Ramble

Associate Minister (Community Chaplain) – Judith Ramble

Centre Manager – Andy Cooper

Clergy Team – Tony Platts (retired priest)

Our Churchwardens – Hugh Brocklebank and Sue Cutler

Parish Administrator – Lizzie Sale

Our Lay Reader – Paul Giles

Andrew Clayton (Director of Music)

Linda Butt (Verger)

What we believe

  • We believe it is possible to be a church without being closed-minded about the ever changing society that surrounds us.
  • We believe it is possible to care for less-abled groups in the community in a way that enhances and highlights good, as opposed to being diminishing.
  • We believe one can be aspirational, financially sustainable and rewardingly participatory all at one time.
  • We believe commercial activities and practices can deepen and embody our understanding of the world, they do not need to be seen as something that conflict or confuse it.
  • We believe one can grow without becoming impersonal or two-dimensional. Change is not a bad thing.
  • We believe working together to highlight one another’s great qualities rather than ones’ downfalls, can achieve great things.
  • We believe that, in Christ, the future is bigger than the past.
  • Inclusivity is at the core of our values as a church. Everybody is welcome here at St James, without having to face judgement or discrimination.


We would be delighted to welcome you to worship at any one of our regular Services:


  • 10.30am Said Holy Communion


  • 8,00am Said Holy Communion
  • 10.00am Family Service
  • 6.30pm Evening Reflections – Alternating with All Saints Church

We offer special services for weddings, funerals and memorial services, and we also do baptisms (christenings) by arrangement. Please contact the Church office.


Shattering Loneliness & Making Music in the Heart – Midnight Mass Sermon 2018

How we belong

We consider everyone that makes St James their regular church home as belonging to the parish.

There are also other ways you can feel a sense of belonging to St James. These include: joining a club or society held in the church centre, joining the electoral roll to enable yourself to be a part of governing the church, or Baptism and Confirmation. Please contact the church office to find out more information on joining in on what the church has to offer. As an inclusive church, we welcome everyone.

How we are organised

Like any organisation that has a following, we know we need to have the tools to organise events, facilitate inclusion of the whole community and to be able to implement big decisions.

We have a great team that work hard to ensure any financial, social, communication and day to day decisions are made responsibly with the welfare of our community in mind. We also have close links with our nearby schools and our local councils Birmingham City Council and Sutton Coldfield Town Council.

How we’re growing

Here at St James Church, we pride ourselves in being a community hub within the heart of the community. We already hold many clubs and societies within our inclusive church centre space and have lots of involvement with local charities. Our next biggest project, named the Hope for Sutton Project (HFSP) has seen us gain a brand new kitchen facility, which we plan to use in a way that gives back to the people of our community that need it most. To find out more about the project, please visit our Inclusive Enterprise page and follow us on social media for more news on what we’re involved with.